The Sun's spectrum is the best for gardening

Finally, with the Perfect Sun spectrum, our lights bring the sun into your grow room, bringing your plants all the wavelengths they need.

All our lights use the Perfect Sun spectrum.

Let me tell you a quick story. I have been growing indoors for years. I have grown with HPS and they work fine but use lots of electricity. Also, it is hard to tell how healthy your plants are under them because the colors are off. It gets worse under most LEDs, some of them lighting up like a purple disco.

So I designed the perfect LEDs for me, and under them, I have grown the largest and healthiest plants I ever have in all my life.

Want to know why it brings me such joy to grow with Perfect Sun LEDs? Being in the grow room is like being outside on a bright summer day. The plants look like they would if I were outside with them.

One time, I actually got a sun burn on the back of my neck while sitting under one of my lights, training one of my plants.

So, hey, enjoy the sun indoors and check out one of our lights. Try one for 90 days and return it for a refund if doesn't bring you the joy of indoor gardening.

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Max Yield

650 actual watts. Covers up to 5x5 feet.

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Goliath V2

680 actual watts. Covers up to 5x5 feet.

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Dwarf Star

240 actual watts. Covers 3.5x3 feet 

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140 actual watts. Covers max 2.5x2.5 feet

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My garden has never looked better. My tomatoes are huge.


Getting better results with the Max Yield than I did with a 1000w HPS. Amazing!


The Dwarf Star is a great light.